march 2003, 3 weeks Beach/Gambia, some days Dakar/Senegal

Gambia / Senegal


need a guide?

Gambia in Afrika Senegal + Gambia
Palme Gambia

hallo, hi friend
how do you do
where do you come from
(England=arrogant + stingy, Dutch=crazy + stingy, German=stupid + rich, American=big Mouth + rich)
whats your name, my name is ... and everybody knows me (no wonder in a small village everybody knows everybody)
be free (a paradoxon)
brother, we are one family
(klaps the fists)
you are in africa (europe is stupid other)
visite my family, you are invited (you have to pay)
its free (before, after costs more)

In my opinion you don't need a guide. He brings you to good places, perhaps. But you have not the fun to ask about the way, the price a.s.o. You don't learn about the people, the country, the living.


protection from travel guides

don't look in their eyes, hear anything, remember nobody,
don't need a guide or better don't want a guide, i have no money, i have a guide, i have a date, say never your Hotel(another), arrive- or departure-time

after you have one at the neck

you have to pay soft drinks and eat while talking.

in the end comes the masterpiece

I want 1 bag of rice (for a 10 person family 1 month) or someting (mostly money), it is for the heard, my family, we are friends-brother, I am hungry, a.s.o.


If you have small toys, pens or T-shirts, bring so much you can to Gambia and give presents. It is better then money.

give away

In opposite you can buy drums, xylophons or a nice treasure chest.



Gambia 15-35 C Bus - 50 C Water 25-30 C

Senegal 10-35 C Bus - 45 C Water 10-15 C

raining time is june to august(be careful for mosquitos with malaria)

Hotels with my own classes

you shout have a look before taken a Chamber about:
toilet and paper, cover for bed, blood marks on wall(killed mosquitos), good mosquito net on window, all electricity, all water(hot and cool)- shower, fan volume


***** 1. Sanyang Nature Camp
near Sanyang Beach
no Mosquitos, no noise, clean, good fish(greetings on "thank you", who makes it), no electricity, sometimes problems with water, beach 1 km is very empty and big, small dschungel with monkeys 100 m, right place to chill out

***** 2. African Heritage
Bakau, in opposite of the market, 10 meters left of Bakau Guest House
no Mosquitos, no noise, clean, good Service, lighly, good breakfast, beach 1 km northly, only 3 rooms, good sight:


* Bakau Guest House
Bakau, in opposite of the market
is in Build, mosquitos, no sight, beach 1 km northly

*** Gunjur Beach Motel
Gunjur Beach
no Mosquitos, beach 30 m is very empty and big, less electricity, very german(food: Schnitzel, Rösti), doubled the price in 1 year, there visits sometimes a english guy looks like "Krokodile Dundee" - ask him for fresh palmwine

** Ferry Guest House
Mosquitos, good sight to ferry, doubled the price in 1 year

Apollo Hotel
100 Mosquitos, bad service, doubled the price in 1 year

Lebato(have not tried to sleep there)
Fayara, crossing street from Bakau to Serekunda
good Bar on Beach 10 m, professional massage, beach is full of guides


* Hotel Continetal
less mosquitos, toilet on floor

* Hotel Provencal


You will need a flashlight. The streets have no light. That makes it dangerous in the night.


Take some toiletpaper with you. You never know.


Best ist cash. Traveller checks are ok. For visa card you have 3 points: Banjul, Bakau, Serekunda.


Gambia: english
senegal: french
blacks: mandinka, wolof


bus station is called garage


in gambia you can take the minibus
to senegal(Dakar <-> Banjul) is better to take a Peugot-taxi
on Ferry (Banjul<->Barra) have a look on your bags
you mostly can see very young people
half of people has yellow in their eyes, hepatitis or not enough drinking?
only Hotel, Bus and Menu have a fix price. Otherwise you have to fight aubout it.

short stories

Once, in a club in Bakau, a man with a bottle of beer(price 25 Dalasi), ask me obout 20 Dalasi for milk for his Baby. I answered, drink less beer and buy your baby the milk.

I bought a Sprite in a petrol station in Fayara. As I came out, 10 meters removed, burns a house. The truck, full with petrol has driven very fast away. Anything more happens. The fire-brigade cames soon.

We had driven with Taxi(near Gunjur), as some cows crosses the road(it happens often there). The Taxi waited. After some seconds overtook a big truck and has taken 3 cows with its, 2 were dead, 1 cow left a leg. the truck celebrated hit-and-run driving.


Google Earth  kmz


Gambia is a real adventure. Most of the gambiens are very friendly. But every not-african is rich. Be friendly too ... .